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jes richardson

Branding + Social Media

Jes Richardson spent 15 years as a police officer and recently decided it was time for a change. She still has a passion to serve so in 2021 she opened her own State Farm agency in Canton, OH. Now she is helping people on an individualized approach to insurance based on their unique needs. She does this by taking the time to learn what's important to them and putting together a comprehensive plan that works for them and their family.

Jes came to me needing social media management, but after thorough analysis it was decided that she needed her own unique agent branding as well! This was slightly difficult to accomplish since State Farm already has an established brand. We did not want to stray to far from their fonts and colors, but we wanted to make sure she stood out amongst the other State Farm agents. After endless hours of competitor analysis, we landed on implementing State Farm's secondary colors that is not often used amongst other agents, creating her own special post templates with waved frames in the mentioned colors, and a unique logo suite with her name.


In total, I helped create her own brand that has a logo suite (primary logo, secondary logo, submark, + logo mark), color palette, typography pairing, pattern, mood aesthetic + photography direction, and social media templates! I am also actively managing her Facebook page with multiple posts weekly!

Jes Main Logo-01.png
Jes Secondary Logo-01.png
SF April Posts 4-19.png
SF 5-3.png
SF April Posts 4-7.png
SF March Posts 3-15-04.png
SF April Posts 4-12.png
SF April Posts 4-22-13.png
SF April Posts 4-5.png
SF Feb Posts 2-17-11.png
SF 1-11-03.png
SF March Posts 3-16-06.png
SF March Posts 4-1-08.png
SF March Posts 3-18-07.png
SF 2-4-04.png
SF Feb Posts 2-11-08.png

"I am so glad I picked up Tori to take over my social media posts. Since she designed my brand and started posting to my business facebook page, my page views have increased, my likes have increased, and in-coming sales calls have increased! I have received many compliments on my posts as well. If I’m stuck for ideas, she does the research and comes up with creative copy much better than I would’ve done myself. Also, the time I have been able to free up on my schedule has made it worth every penny. 10/10 highly recommend!!"

Jes Main Logo White-01.png
Lotus Flower nude.png

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