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I want to change
the world.

I work with passionate entrepreneurs to craft a unique brand identity that will stand out against competitors and make a lasting impact.

my manifesto

It is my mission to inspire transformational, societal change by providing strategic branding, purposeful communicative assets, and educational resources for compassionate designers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike.


  • Empathy
    Design is a problem-solving tool. The first and most crucial step to solving any problem is to have empathy with the intended audience. This value helps us connect on a deep level by giving insight into what people need, want, behave, feel, think, and are facing in real-world settings.
  • Compassion
    I don't just stop empathy, but instead use compassion to fuel my work of helping others. I approach each day as a new opportunity to cultivate new relationships and solutions to their problems.
  • Intention
    I believe that any decisions made—both in life and business—are carefully crafted with intention. When working with me you can ensure that whatever I design is rooted in strategy and research.
  • Curiosity
    Without curiosity, there is no growth. I envision a world in which questions are encouraged and opened, eager minds are always willing to learn. With this approach, the possibilities are endless and we can strive to find the best solution to any problem.
  • Transparency
    Gone are the days of businesses compartmentalizing information and keeping things hidden from customers or the general public. Honesty is valued and crucial to share information—no matter if it's good or bad. With transparency, we can foster trust and teamwork to achieve the utmost potential.

I believe in work that is more than just a business deal. The best projects are the ones that have deeper meaning and something we both can connect with. Below are the things that I value, and hope that you do too!

Victoria Muhlbach CEO and Designer of Tori Amber Design | Branding, Brand Designer, Brand Design, Strategic Branding, Web Design, Web Designer, Wix Website, Wix Web Design, Wix Web Designer

the story

Hi, hello! I am Victoria, the owner and strategic design expert behind Tori Amber Design. I graduated from Walsh University with Summa Cum Laude in Graphic Design, and five (yes, five!) minors in Marketing, Communications, English, Sociology, and Community & Nonprofit Leadership. With my expertise in a wide variety of topics and years of experience, I am able to see the bigger picture and how so many variables are interconnected in today's society. With that being said, I can craft impactful, strategic brands that can help change not only your world, but others' as well!


Fast forward to September 2021 when I officially registered Tori Amber Design. I created this business to fulfill my passion of helping cultivate societal changes for other entrepreneurs, designers, and small business owners. I wanted to do work that is meaningful—so here I am, paving my own path and creating a career I am passionate about that uses both my love of design and compassion to help others.

In my free time you can find me hanging out with friends, caring for my houseplants, watching Doctor Who, Marvel, or Vampire Diaries series, playing Kingdom Hearts, drawing, fantasizing about the future, and serving others!


let's make an impact, together

It is time to elevate your business and create that meaningful impact that you desire. Check out my branding services and inquire to see how I can help you make a difference!

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