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frequently asked questions

how much do your services cost?

I do not have a set price for my services as each branding package is different and unique based upon the business. Once you inquire and we have a chat about your needs I will send you a custom quote.

how do I book my spot?
how soon or far ahead can I do so?

To start, simply send me an inquiry! From there we will chat about your needed services and timeline. Your spot will officially be saved once our contract is signed and you made a 50% down deposit. Starting your timeline ASAP depends on my availability, but you can schedule for any open spots as far out as one year.

what files will I receive?

You will get all the files you will ever need for your business! This will include a basis of PNG, JPEG, Ai, SVG, EPS, & PDF. Extra file formats will be given depending on the design needed. I will also ensure that your logo and various branding elements have transparent backgrounds, and come in various color formats so it can fit clearly on top of any background! The different color formats include your main brand colors, solid brand color(s), solid white, and solid black.

how long do projects take?

Branding packages take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to complete once we start the process. The time frame is different depending on what is within the desired package, but an exact timeline will be sent to you within your welcome package. Individual services can have a much shorter turnaround depending on my availability though you will also get a timeline for those too!

do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, I do! However, I do require a non-negotiable 50% down deposit to save your spot and before we begin any strategy or design processes. The other 50% is typically due at the end before you get full ownership/copyright of the designs, but we can break payments down along the way. If needed, we can schedule payments after the branding or design process is completed, BUT PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NOT HAVE LEGAL COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP UNTIL ALL PAYMENTS ARE FULFILLED.

do you work with international clients?

Yes, I work with clients anywhere around the world! Please do note though that I am in Eastern Standard Time so responses may be delayed if we are in different time zones.

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