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Voices for Voices

Branding + Event Logo + Print + Social Media

Voices for Voices is a 501c3 nonprofit charity that educates and advocates for inclusion, accessibility & mental health care.

I briefly served as Voices for Voices Vice President of Communications. During this time I helped establish this brand by creating their own unique brand (logo suite, color palette, typography pairing, pattern, mood aesthetic + photography direction, tone of voice + characteristics, and target audience psychological designs), along with business cards design, and social media posts. I also created a logo variation for their huge, yearly event, A Brand New Day.

A unique part of this brand is the symbolism within the logo. The hands holding up the heart represents support while the heart is made of sound waves, representing voices. Together, we will use our own voices to raise up the voices of others!

Voices for Voices Primary Logo

Primary Logo

Voices for Voices Secondary Logo.png

Secondary Logo

VfV Submark.png

Submark Logo

VfV Logo Mark.png

Logo Mark / Favicon

VfV Business Cards 2.png
Voices for Voices Speaking.jpg
Voices for Voices Canton.jpg
Voices for Voices A Brand New Day Logo
Voices for Voices Post 2.jpg
Voices for Voices Post.jpg
Voices for Voices Shirt.jpg
Voices for Voices hat.jpg
Voices for Voices Merch.jpg
Voices for Voices Giving Back.jpg
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