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gaby smith

Branding + Print + Illustrations

Gaby Smith is a financial advisor and author who lives in the Bahamas, and loves to give advice about savings, hobbies, travel, and personal care! Gaby came to me with a few ideas in mind for her branding: Use blue, focus on directional impact of helping others, and show financial freedom incorporated with her own personality and beach-loving lifestyle.

I had so much fun creating her personal branding package! It included tons of brand strategy + research, an entire logo suite (primary logo, secondary logo, submark, + logo mark), color palette, typography pairing, two patterns, mood aesthetic + photography direction, four icons/illustrations, and print designs!​

Gaby Smith Logo-07.png
Gaby Smith Logo 2-07.png
Gaby Smith Brand Reveal-06.png
Gaby Smith Brand Reveal-09.png
Gaby Smith Pattern 1-05.png
Square Business Card Mockup - Gaby Smith.png
Gaby Smith Brand Reveal-02.png
Gaby Smith Brand Reveal-10.png
Small Book Mockup - Gaby Smith.png
Gaby Smith Icons-02.png
Gaby Smith Icons-04.png
Gaby Smith Icons-03.png
Gaby Smith Icons-05.png
Lotus Flower nude.png

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