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Branding + Packaging + Illustrations

Milki is a chocolate brand that empowers women and their skin! Their chocolate contains vitamins and antioxidants that are great for glowing, milky skin. In addition, they continuously empower women through words of encouragement, and by donating a portion of their proceeds to help young girls conquer their periods with sanitary products and educational courses!

This branding package was unique and exciting to create as it focused on an impactful "why"—which was meticulously narrowed down through brand strategy and research. From there I created an entire logo suite (primary logo, secondary logo, submark, + logo mark), color palette, typography pairing, pattern, mood aesthetic + photography direction, three illustrations, and chocolate bar packaging designs!​

Milki Logo 2 Brown - Border-01.png
Milki Logo Brown - Border-01.png
Milki Brand Posts-01.png
Milki Pattern Brown.png
Milki Pattern White.png
Milki Brand Posts-08.png
Milki Brand Posts-03.png
Milki Brand Posts-02.png
Milki Candy Bars 2.png
Milki Brand Posts-12.png
Milki Brand Posts-13.png
Milki Brand Posts-11.png
Milki Brand Posts-09.png
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