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Dead Sour Cover

Dead Sour

Branding + Packaging + Social Media

Dead Sour is an Extreme Sour Candy that is ready to rock your world! The candy is soooo sour, it's almost deadly ☠️


*Disclaimer: The candy causes no harm.


Dead Sour was in dire need of a dramatic branding that stands out from competitors while packing a punch. After thorough analysis and research I created their own unique brand (logo suite, color palette, typography pairing, pattern, mood aesthetic + photography direction, tone of voice + characteristics, and target audience psychological designs), along with candy packaging, and social media posts. Their branding falls heavily into punk/rock themes and uses high contrasts of bright neon green/pink (and some blue) against black or white. 

Dead Sour Primary Logo

Primary Logo

Drop Dead Secondary Logo

Secondary Logo

Dead Sour Submark

Submark Logo

Dead Sour Logo Mark

Logo Mark / Favicon

Dead Sour Patterns Pink
Dead Sour Pattern Green
Dead Sour Main
Dead Sour Candy Bags
Dead Sour Profile
Dead Sour Post
Dead Sour Store
Dead Sour Image
Dead Sour Image 2
Dead Sour Image 3
Dead Sour Image 4
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