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Living IGT (Living in God's Time) is a Christian business that sells religious-based apparel and home décor. A portion of their proceeds goes towards supporting essential home repairs for those who cannot afford them in Stark County, OH and surrounding areas.

The owner, Kirk, has been a Christian for all of his life—living by the love of God and eagerness to help others. Growing up he experienced watching his dad struggle to remodel their home. Knowing the stress that his dad went through, Kirk became inspired to learn construction to aid others and prevent them from experiencing the same.

Kirk came to me needing to establish a brand for his business and a website in which he can sell his products. After thorough analysis and research I helped him create his own unique brand (logo suite, color palette, typography pairing, pattern, mood aesthetic + photography direction, tone of voice + characteristics, and target audience psychological designs), along with a business card and print brochure design, and social media posts. I also designed him a highly intuitive and user friendly E-Commerce website!

Living IGT Primary Logo

Primary Logo

Living IGT Secondary Logo

Secondary Logo

Living IGT Submark

Submark Logo

Living IGT Logo Mark

Logo Mark / Favicon

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Living IGT Logo Breakdown-01.png
Living IGT Logo Breakdown-04.png
Living IGT Logo Breakdown-02.png
Living IGT Cards
Living IGT Profile
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Fully comprehensive & user-friendly website across all devices. Includes Home, About, Shop, Contact, Donate, future Blog capabilities, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy (which is legally required!), FAQ's, and MORE!

Living IGT Website
Living IGT Cross
Living IGT Hope
Living IGT Bible
Living IGT Family
Living IGT Review for Tori Amber Design | Brand Design, Website Design, Logo Design, Strategic Branding, Wix Website

"So great to work with. She exceeded my expectations with my logo design, website, and everything I needed. Always answering questions right away and willing to help with all I need. Will continue to hire Tori for all my marketing needs!"

- Kirk  | Living IGT

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